Turning leads into Sales is complicated, follow-ups are hard, prospects fall through the cracks, prospects are not at fingertips to take meaningful actions, Return-on-Investments are very low and so on…

Sounds familiar? These are the most common problems businesses face in today’s fast paced environment. Can mobile technology help you become organized, efficient, and help grow the business up to 40% like you never imagined?

We invite you to learn just that from a Philadelphia-based 10KSB alumni and successful IT entrepreneur turned innovator who will show you how. You will learn about the mobile technologies built on these same principles and become successful in the new year.

Tri-Force team invites you to join Manish Gorawala, an award-winning Philadelphia based IT entrepreneur turned innovator, as he introduces you to the possibilities and demonstrates how a unique marketing/sales process using technology can set you on a new path to growth.

Invited : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/are-you-looking-to-grow-revenue-in-2023-up-to-40-using-mobile-technology-tickets-500159399227

Join In a Meeting : https://us02web.zoom.us/s/6026064868?pwd=ZkdSRGRJcXo4ZGdPSDhWSHdqbGJqUT09 #success