Web-based application “Web Log” Development for Marine Gas Turbine Information System


Tri-Force has been working with EDO since 2004 (as a Sub-Contractor) on the Marine Gas Turbine Information System (MGTIS) program that currently resides inside the NMCI network.

Contract Detail

Tri-Force developed the web-based application named “Web Log” for the MGTIS (Marine Gas Turbine Information System) for the US Navy as a subcontractor to EDO Corp, Inc.

Tri-Force team worked closely with program managers and technical leads at EDO to identify the functional specifications for the ASP.NET application and business processes. Senior Tri-Force developers designed use cases and detailed technical design documents for this project.

Tri-Force team followed XP (Extreme Programming) methodologies for the entire software development life cycle and maintenance of the web application, database, and workflow processes. Tri-Force implemented a bug tracking system to monitor and track maintenance and future enhancements on this project. Tri-Force implemented “best practices” in User Interface standards during the web application development process.

Tri-Force was responsible for setting up the test and development environment using web servers, and Oracle, and SQL Server 2005 databases. The team set up the Windows 2003 servers, and document management system for this project. Tri-Force maintained an inventory of all the hardware and software systems utilized on this project. Our management team was responsible for submitting weekly and monthly project status reports for each team member as well as providing overall project status to the program manager.

Highlights of Tasks

  • A complete web-based application developed from the ground up.
  • Test and Development Environment set-up.
  • Bug-tracking system, document management system, and code repository systems created.

Technology Stack

ASP.NET C# XML AJAX technologies SQL Server 2005 Oracle 10g Visual Basic Perl IIS 5.0 JavaScript Data Modeling