CEO Interviews / Awards

Interview Done by Gov Giants:


What is one thing that was hard when you started in business that is still hard today?

Getting new clients, increasing sales


How much does formal vs self-education help when becoming a government contractor?

Formal – 20% Self education – 80%


What is one thing that was hard in business that is much easier today?

Advancements in technology has made easier to delegate tasks to others, automate operational manual tasks and get leads/prospects to grow the business


What do successful entrepreneurs have to worry about? Personally, professionally, emotionally?

  • Personally – Staying healthy mentally and physically
  • professionally – keep learning new skills
  • emotionally – Keep boundaries around work and personal schedule

What is a stress in your life that has been alleviated based on where you are today in business versus when you first got started?

Financial challenges and now becoming financially independent


How did you obtain past performance?

Tri-Force started working as a subcontractor to prime contractor on a contract working for NAVSUP agency in Philadelphia to gain past performance.


Any notable projects, hurricane, disaster reliefs that kind of grow your company?

Sungard Availability Services, BRACPMO office NAVFAC Seaport NxG, City of Philadelphia, Department of Interior, EPA projects


When did you believe that you were started really making your stride?



How and when did you start hiring people?

I hired an inhouse recruiter to start engaging consultants to work on client projects.


When you got started how many employees did you have?


Build & Captain Your Own Ship

“Success is most desirable when shared.”

Gov Giants another interview:

What do you believe is the single greatest attribute that you contribute to your success?

Excellence, integrity, and persistence/hard work, applying the principal learned growing up “Doing more with less resources in all areas of business and life”

Which agency was your first government contract?

US Navy – NAVSUP Philadelphia

How did you get your first contract? (Did you know someone?)

as a subcontractor

Did you have any money when you got started?

Personal savings

Did you have mentor early on?


Did you do any JV or MPP with larger firms?


When did your business really start gaining traction?

Around 2004

Was your first customer government or private


Did you ever spend much time in D.C. or maybe send an associate?

Send an associate

Did you reach out to senior level SBA representatives for assistance?


Do you have spare time? What do you do in your spare time?

Watch TV shows/Movies/sports, exercise, swimming, practicing golf at driving range

Tell us about the entrepreneurship training program you have attended?

10KSB, Mini MBA program for Entrepreneurship from

What invaluable resource do you use today that you couldn't work without?

(Books, software, phone app)

all the above

Books that you recommend to aspiring small businesses? women business owners? minority business owners?

Think and Grow Rich, Zero to One


My Dad’s entrepreneurial skills

Handle stress

practices – meditation, yoga

Daily habits/routines

Exercise, walking, meditation


Early riser or burn the midnight night oil early riser

Early riser


Do you do an annual reflection?



Odd place that you worked or job that you had that no one may ever guess?

Worked in Liquor store as clerk, newspaper delivery while in college to support college expenses


If you were doing this what would you be doing?

Working as an independent consultant


Something that you had to do in building your business that you hated/disliked?

Administrative tasks, paperwork


How can someone recreate your level of success?

My advice is to first gain 5-6 years of experience working in the respective field you graduated from, make connections while working, become member of local business community, save money for at least 6-12 months of monthly living expenses, and then start the business offering services or product ideas you come up with. Initially keep yourselves billable on projects you work for clients and slowly transition by hiring team to transition at leadership role for the business.

Why are you an entrepreneur?

What is Tri-Force?

Since 2000, Tri-Force Consulting Services has been an MBE/SDB certified IT Consulting firm in the Philadelphia region. Tri-Force specializes in IT staffing, software development (web and mobile apps), systems integration, data analytics, system automation, cybersecurity, and cloud technology solutions for government and commercial clients. Tri-Force works with clients to overcome obstacles such as increasing productivity, increasing efficiencies through automation, and lowering costs. Our clients benefit from our three distinguishing core values: integrity, diligence, and technological excellence. Tri-Force is a six-time winner among the fastest-growing companies in Philadelphia and a four-time winner on the Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s fastest-growing companies.

Please visit what Problems We Solve to see what issues we assist our clients with.


How has being a member of Philadelphia 100 helped you help your company succeed?

Philadelphia100 organization has been an invaluable resource of professionals from varied backgrounds and organizations sharing strategies for addressing all the various challenges that business leaders face.  I’ve really found value in the organization’s methodology of creating meaningful relationships through a mix of panel discussions and working sessions and providers. I have a taken notes with follow-up tactics and ideas from the sessions I’ve attended.


Why is being recognized with the Philly100 important to your company?

Being recognized with the Philly100 means lot to my company, it validates the growth strategies I have put in place for the growth of the company.  The recognition as being one of the fastest growing companies in Philadelphia region for six times improves brand value of Tri-Force to our customers, suppliers, consultants, and employees, and to put them at ease to work with Tri-Force.  The recognition provides Tri-Force’s ability to bring more opportunities and economic impact to Greater Philadelphia region.

Interview done by Lehigh Valley Business Journal for getting recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the Lehigh Valley Regin.


Fast 50 Asian American Business Triforce Services

How do you feel about being recognized?

I feel very happy, convinced and energized to apply more efforts, and ready to invest further into business by hiring resources in different roles, increase spending for advertising and business development activities for sustained growth for future road map.


Fastest Growing Companies 2021

What has been the biggest challenge you have overcome in keeping growth going?

By allowing employees to hire and work from anywhere, implementing smart tools to automate business processes and forging partnerships with other companies and solutions providers to go after opportunities from prospective clients in different sectors.


10ksb Award Ceremony Business Award

How has COVID-19 impacted your company?
What changes have you done to serve customers and protect employees?

We have seen loss of business from few clients because of budget cuts, however, been fortunate enough to add new clients offering remote delivery models and allowing employees to work from home/office hybrid model; and now hiring employees without restrictions on geographic location.  We are doing Zoom virtual fun activities for employees to connect.  We are encouraging employees to get vaccinated.