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We are very pleased with the consulting and training services provided by Tri-Force’s consultants in Java and .NET technology based business applications development in past one year. We would consider hiring candidates trained by Tri-Force as a consultant on projects, provided candidates match our business requirements and necessary technology certifications requirements.

Bill Reiman
Senior Technical Manager, EDO Corp.

Tri-Force is one of the best IT company I know which understands the between process and provide customized solution for improving productivity

Shahid Ahmed
Senior Project Manager

Tri-Force’s team has provided excellent responsiveness, professionalism, and technical support for the past four years. They are easy to communicate with as well as provide quality consultants on time at a competitive rate.

Gail Rolls
Sr. Technical Recruiter

Tri-Force staff provides amazing response, Professionalism and technical support. They have smooth communication and give the quality code and completed project on time.

Ken Serviss
IT Project Manager