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Tech Accelerator

Are you a startup or an investor?
Got Ideas or Projects?

➙ Let’s partner with Tri-Force Tech Accelerator Platform a brand new concept from one of the fastest-growing companies in Philadelphia.
➙ Reduce cost and develop applications smarter with us.
➙ Leverage outsourced application development utilizing our Tech Accelerator platform.

Build enterprise applications faster and at Lower Cost by leveraging our in-house software developers.

High quality delivery ensured by expert and accountable project managers and business analysts.

Fast and secure access to source code for maintenance options.

How the Tri-Force Tech Accelerator Program works

  1. Call to discuss project/concept.
  2. Get NDAs signed.
  3. Pitch us to undertake your startup development needs, and become your partner in execution.
  4. We put together the Tech Accelerator proposal for doing the work at a discounted price. Tri-Force is a technology-focused startup incubator that provides product development and tech support to its portfolio companies.
  5. Tri-Force applies a VC model but instead of capital, provides product development, tech hiring services, and introductions to VCs, media, advisers, and business partners.  We also run a fellows program whereby we connect students to our portfolio companies for short-term,  summer, and full-time engagements.  Tri-Force’s current portfolio consists of 5 startups.
  6. Enjoy access to experts who have started and successfully launched.
  7. Get access to our partners and get expert advice on financing, marketing, and sales strategies.
  8. We help you to accelerate your idea to inception with our expertise and resources. Achieve more goals with less!
  9. Join other startups in our excellent one-of-a-kind tech accelerator program.