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Our comprehensive cyber security services not only help businesses to assess, build and manage their cyber security capabilities, but also enable them to respond to incidents and crisis.

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Are you looking for someone to getting certified your application(s) with Authority to Operate or CMMC assessments done?

Are you looking to make your application(s) secure by doing vulnerability testing? Are you looking for a vendor to provide software systems to secure your network and software applications? done?

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Tri-Force offers a range of valuable cyber security services to help businesses protect themselves against cyber threats.

Cyber Security Consulting Services

Cybersecurity is most important than ever, and Tri-force is here to help your business build and manage its capabilities, as well as respond to incidents and crises. We have the experience and expertise to keep your business safe online.

Network Security Monitoring

Tri-Force’s 24×7 Cyber Security Operations Team utilizes state-of-the-art security technologies to detect and respond to potential security incidents before they become vulnerabilities. With continuous logging and preservation, you’ll have real-time visibility into your environment and the ability to respond quickly to any incidents.

Virtual CISO

Tri-force’s Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service provides expert cyber security capabilities to businesses that may not have the resources to hire a full-time CISO. The vCISO service can help businesses develop a comprehensive cyber security program and reduce their overall risk. Having a dedicated CISO allocated to your business can be cost-effective and productive.

Penetration Testing

Before the first attacker gains access to the network or web server, our penetration testing team can detect security flaws. We’ll identify flaws in your infrastructure or applications and work with businesses to fix them and avoid complications.

cyber security
cyber security

We can provide you with the required amount of assistance. No more. No less.

A Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) is a third-party provider that offers cybersecurity services to businesses and organizations. The MSSP is responsible for managing, monitoring, and securing the organization’s network, systems, and data. The services provided by an MSSP can vary, but typically include:.

Security Monitoring: The MSSP monitors the organization’s network and systems 24/7 to detect potential security threats and attacks.

Threat Intelligence: The MSSP provides intelligence on the latest security threats and trends, allowing organizations to proactively mitigate potential risks.

Incident Response: In the event of a security breach or attack, the MSSP provides rapid incident response services to minimize the impact of the attack.

Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated, necessitating a stronger level of safety and security.

It’s great to hear that Tri-force provides a comprehensive range of cybersecurity services to help clients improve their cybersecurity posture and mitigate cyberattack risks. It’s important for organizations to maintain a strong security posture to protect their critical data and adhere to relevant regulations.

Some of the key services you mentioned that Tri-force provides include IT security consulting, vulnerability assessments, and improving the effectiveness of information security solutions. These are all important steps in identifying and mitigating security risks.

It’s also important to note that maintaining cybersecurity is an ongoing process, and it requires a combination of technology, processes, and people to be effective. It’s great to hear that Tri-force has cybersecurity specialists who can help guide clients on their cybersecurity journey.

Overall, it sounds like Tri-force is well-equipped to help clients address their cybersecurity challenges and protect their critical data.


Our Specialties

Our fundamental principles are straightforward. We intend to:

Assist you in developing a reliable safety and risk management program.

Provide low-cost technologies to decrease enterprise-wide vulnerability.

Assist Technology professionals with competent consultation offerings.

In your interest, recognize and fight security risks.

Bringing excellence in information systems to businesses of different Commercial sectors.

As a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), we provide our customers with comprehensive security knowledge. Tri-Force Consulting Services can help with 24/7 cybersecurity management, Virtual CISO services, and Penetration Testing..

Don’t Settle For Less

Enhance your security posture

The landscape of modern technologies is always changing, from the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) to the acceptance of Software as a Service (SaaS) over conventional in-house technologies. And, as technology evolves, so does the vulnerability environment. Despite this, many businesses modify existing technologies without the supervision or control of IT, network security, acquisition, or security professionals.


From Our Founder

How we do it? – Checklists and Standards

We assess, prescribe fixes and certify against all Industry leading standards such as:

From Our Founder

How we do it? – Analysis Techniques

  • Network Discovery
  • Network Port and Service Identification – OS fingerprinting
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Wireless Scanning
    • Passive Wireless Scanning
    • Active Wireless Scanning
    • Wireless Device Location Tracking (Site Survey)
    • Bluetooth Scanning
    • Infrared Scanning
  • Password Cracking – Transmission / Storage
  • Penetration Testing
    • Automated / Manual
    • Social Engineering – Phishing

How we do it? – Scope

  • What will be the scope of the assessment?
  • Network (Pen-Test, Vulnerability Scan, wireless)
  • Application (Code or Vulnerability scan)
  • Process (business or automated)
  • How critical is the system you are assessing?
  • High, medium – use independent assessor
  • Low – self assessment

How we do it? – Testing Types

  • Black Box Testing
  • Assessor starts with no knowledge
  • White Box Testing
  • Assessor starts with knowledge of the system, i.e. the code
  • Grey Box Testing
  • Assessor has some knowledge, not completely blind

How we do it? – Tools

  • Proprietary Tools developed by us
  • Industry standard toolsets like BurpSuite, Acunetix, ZAPP, Nmap, IBM Appscan, and much more

PS: We integrate all the toolsets into our proprietary Platform integrator which gives a holistic picture of all Vulnerability scans and potential holes in the Application and Configuration

How we do it? – Review Techniques

  • Documentation Review
  • Log Review
  • Ruleset Review
  • System Configuration Review
  • Network Sniffing
  • File Integrity Checking

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Contracting - We offer full turn key solutions to our clients | Seaport-e home
Contracting - We offer full turn key solutions to our clients | Seaport-e home
Contracting - We offer full turn key solutions to our clients | Seaport-e home
Tri-Force has past performance working with clients from DoD, other non-DoD agencies, state, and local city government agencies.
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