As you know, turning leads into sales is complicated, leads are difficult to capture and organize, follow-ups are difficult and sales cycles are long, events are difficult to manage and so on…

MLeads solves all the problems mentioned above as an innovative SaaS mobile platform offering one-stop solution for organizing events and leads management for event organizers, exhibitors, business owners, sales and marketing professionals. MLeads guarantees to help grow any business and bring productivity and efficiency.

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Key features of MLeads:

1. Quickly Capture and organize leads information based on events, Groups or meetings
2. Increase ROI, visibility into productivity across team, pipeline and statistical reports
3. Personalized Follow ups using predefined email message templates to all your leads
4. Event organizer platform to manage events (Event registration, invite attendees, print badges with QR Codes, Send pre/post event surveys, upload sponsors and event agenda)
5. One-Click Research on leads, QRCode Business Card and Video Profiles
6. Import and export data from any source system to any destination system.
You can download the app by searching the text “mleads” on the Apple, Google and Amazon app store.

Technology Stack

iOs 4.3 and Java Objective-C JSON PHP/MySQL and Web Services HTTP Post Uploading SQlite3