In a recent survey, 63% of respondents cited the inability to find skilled and reliable resources as the biggest obstacle to success. And it’s not just small businesses that are feeling the pain – a study by Deloitte found that 43% of C-level executives say that finding skilled resources is a top challenge.

So, what can you do if you find yourself in this frustrating position?

1. Cast a wide net

The first step is to cast a wide net and try to identify as many potential resources as possible. Ask your network for referrals, search online job boards and LinkedIn, and attend industry events.

2. Evaluate their skills

Once you’ve identified a few potential resources, it’s important to evaluate their skills to make sure they are a good fit for your business. Ask them for their resume and references, and do a quick Google search to see if they have any online presence.

3. Test their skills

Once you’ve identified a few potential resources, it’s important to test their skills. You can do this by asking them to complete a small task or project to see how they perform.

4. Get to know them

While it’s important to evaluate their skills, it’s also important to get to know them as a person. This will help you determine if they are a good fit for your business and culture.

5. Negotiate a fair price

Finally, once you’ve determined that a potential resource is a good fit, it’s time to negotiate a fair price. Make sure you are clear on what you need from them and what you are willing to pay.

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In the past, when businesses wanted customized software, they would need to hire a software developer to custom-build the software for them. This could be a very costly and time-consuming process.

Now, with the advent of software as a service (SaaS), businesses can get customized software without having to go through the hassle and expense of hiring a software developer. SaaS is a type of software that is delivered over the internet, and it allows businesses to use the software without having to install it on their own computers.

One of the best things about SaaS is that it is customizable. This means that businesses can get the software to do exactly what they need it to do. They don’t have to compromise on features or functionality.

Another advantage of SaaS is that it is always up-to-date. The software is constantly being updated with the latest features and enhancements, so businesses don’t have to worry about outdated software.

SaaS is also very affordable. In most cases, it is cheaper than buying and installing software on your own computers.

Software development is a process of transforming user requirements into a software system. It is a software engineer’s job to understand the user requirements and to design, implement and test a software system that meets those requirements.

A software developer is someone who designs, implements, and tests software applications. They may also be involved in the design of the software system.

An IT software developer is a software developer who specializes in developing applications for it industry. They may work for a software development company or they may be self-employed.

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You’re not alone. Many businesses struggle to find the right skilled and reliable resources to help with important projects or maintain SAAS platforms. But, by taking the time to identify your needs and target your search, you can find the right people to help you reach your goals.