Recruitment looks simple but it is very complicated. Employee recruitment is a key function of human resource management. The aim is to recruit, select and appoint suitable candidates for (temporary/permanent) positions in the organization. While in many organizations recruitment is “internal”, nowadays many activities are outsourced to agencies that specialize in “outsourcing to the recruitment process”.

Technological progress in this process is also used via web conferencing etc., thereby minimizing the costs and time required to perform specific activities. Recruitment usually includes a few agencies that investigate and recruit the right person at the right time and right place.

The purpose of the recruitment agency and recruitment function is to help organizations recruit candidates with the right ‘overall talent’ to successfully achieve business goals. More than work-related skills, it is important to recruit candidates who are “team players” with a positive “can” attitude. The process is therefore multidisciplinary and involves assessing different dimensions of the candidate’s personality, technical, cultural, ethical and soft skills, to name just a few! Hiring is a time-limited activity because human needs must be met within a certain period. The process usually starts with designing a workforce that displays levels, numbers, skills, and time to complete the process. When expanding, two sets of dimensions influence the process, namely:

Industry: each industry has a number of basic skills and requirements that are expected of applicants- rather- the police require eligible physical applicants, a scientific institution and time management. Doctors are expected to create skills in a pleasant relationship.

Organization: Every organization has its own system
• Expected goals of the candidates
• Cultural and behavioral skills.
• Professional knowledge level
• Practice, integrity, management skills.

Some critical factors that present challenges include

Personnel planning– It must be futuristic and based on the vision of the organization to provide new and contemporary skills that the future requires. Recruit candidates with diverse experience, levels, and skills.

Recruitment covers all levels, from New College Graduates (NCG), through ancillary staff to senior and senior management positions. The techniques/methods used must be flexible.

Job Description/ Roles and Responsibilities– The duties that serve the candidate must be clearly defined. It is effective to set the right expectations.

Identify the source of applicants: the most important at the primary level that builds up many relationships with educational institutions. Social media is now being used to find talent for the first time.

Candidate assessment: No organization receives a 100% qualified candidate with all required characteristics. The assessment has many dimensions and the results must be carefully considered to get candidate ‘Best Fit’ in general.

Objectivity: although the selection process at the basic/ intermediate level can be relatively objective- can be largely subjective in higher framework research- both with the participation of examiners and the candidate. After all, this is a very delicate process to find balance and to come to the right conclusions about selected topics!

Coordination / Tabulation – The recruiter must reply on SMEs and other HR departments/managers to assess specific characteristics, so it is necessary to plan and coordinate all such meetings for both on time. At the end of each phase, a written assessment must also be obtained from the appropriate examiner, on the basis of which a summary of the candidate’s profile can be made before a recruitment decision is made.

The ultimate logical success is that the selected candidate sits down quickly in the organization, gives the best results and ultimately stays in the organization for a reasonable time because it ensures that the process often does not return to the same position! This is certainly a difficult task, although it looks simpler on the outside! Tri-Force work on the basis of a very transparent and reliable process to be a partner for all personnel needs, search for managers, permanent recruitment, recruitment services, and personnel advice.